"Given how early in the day it is for refracturing and the very little information available on it, what the industry needs more than anything right now is to have as many companies as possible that have tried anything to do with refracturing, to get up there and say 'here is what I've tried and here are the results', whether it was good or bad, just to kind of show the operation from start to finish, how it has been done, the different techniques they've used and the results they've seen from them"

This event has been designed with the sole purpose of bringing to light as much information as possible on recent refracturing efforts. If you have an exciting break-through to share or a case study that has aided in identifying parameters that have led to the success or failure of a particular refrac, we would like to welcome your contribution and will work with you to integrate it into the existing agenda.



  • Shale Operators
  • Fracturing Service Companies
  • Anyone currently looking into the viability of refracturing existing wells

With The Following Job Titles:

COOs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers And Superintendents Of...

  • Completions
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineering

Plus Suppliers Of:

  • Integrated Completions Services
  • Isolated Refracturing Tools
  • Cement
  • Divergents (Chemical & mechanical)
  • Real time monitoring (e-coil, fiber optics)
  • Post refracturing diagnostics servies
  • Energized Frac Fluids
  • Packer Systems
  • Proppant
  • Chemical Tracers
  • Fracture Modelling Software
  • Friction Reducers
  • Microseismic



The Refracture Optimization: production Results & Technology Showcase 2015 will be....

...bringing together under one roof, for the very first time, data from latest case history results, technological advances in refracturing tools, cutting edge R&D projects along with subject matter experts, to equip operators will all the available information to answer the industry's number one question: 

"Is there sufficient evidence to validate the ability of refracturing to significantly improve the economic margins of existing shale wells when operators can no longer afford to drill new ones?"

There has been very little evidence to date about the successes and failures of refracturing and the parameters associated with those successes or failures, making it next to impossible for operators to evaluate the feasibility of using refracturing as a means to increase production whilst keeping costs low.

This will be the first event to showcase under one roof, a combination of the latest case study results, forward thinking research and latest refracturing technological advancements to enable operators to understand:

a) What makes a well a good candidate for refracturing

b) If any operational best practices for refracturing have been established to date - is there an optimal way to technically execute an effective refracture?

c) What kind of production results have been seen from available pilot programs and research & development programs to verify the operational success and economic viability

d) If there are any technological advancements that have managed to increase the success rate of refracture operations  


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